11.04 specialize in Creative Intelligent Design, which has consistently proven to be a winning formula when applied to workspace design. We offer a full professional design service including interior fitouts, interior design, space-planning, work place and office refurbishments, and specialist film and sound studios.

We work throughout London and the UK, and have completed award winning projects in North London, Central London, South London and the City. Projects to date vary in value from circa £100K to £4m. Clients include small private companies, multi-national organizations, and local authority offices.

We win projects in competition against other architects who assume they know the solution to the problem before the problem has been defined.11.04 approach each project with an open mind with which to find a solution to a client’s needs. Each project results in an environment which inspires and uplifts the workforce, improves productivity, and staff retention, and reduces both running and maintenance costs. – in short produces a greater return on investment.

11.04 recognize the workspace is an integral part in the cognitive definition of a company’s brand and ethos. Our workplace designs are not only secure, comfortable, and practical but they are also healthier, greener, and smarter.

Data collected by 11.04 suggests our workplaces are often the primary reason staff choose to work for a company, and that staff retention rates increase – perhaps more importantly staff often say they are happier, and look forward to coming to work. A survey carried out by LB Richmond revealed 11.04’s offices were perceived as the best public-sector offices in the country.

As with our residential projects, these commercial projects have been published widely, and featured on television; including being used as locations for the TV Dramas “Spooks” and “Hustle”.

Chris Roche had a monthly column in OnOffice Magazine, entitled “Working Lunch” in which he interviewed leading industry figures on the future of the workplace.