Chris Roche BA(Hons) DipArch(OXF) ARB

Chris is an award-winning design architect, and interior designer, educated in Manchester and Oxford, with over 20 years national and international project experience, including the UK, USA, Europe and Africa.

He has been a chartered member of the RIBA since 1991, an elected member of RIBA Council 2002-2005; 2008 – 2011, and served on the International Relations Committee. He is the former Chair of RIBA Camden, and former Deputy Chair of RIBA London.

Talks: Beijing; Leeds; London; Lincoln; Manchester. Exhibitions: London, New York, Manchester. Publications: National and International Column for OnOffice Magazine Author: The Property Developer’s Handbook 2014 Awards: National and International Scholarships: Japan 1981; Barcelona/Seville 1992

Chris Roche is the author of a book: “Property Developer’s Handbook” which gives clients a practical, step by step, guide to the development process with a view to minimizing risk and maximizing profit – however all projects aim to be life enhancing, and transform the experience of the users, be they residential or commercial.

Chris has taught at Universities in London, Leeds, Manchester, and Brussels. Chris is an enthusiastic Manchester City FC fan, a keen cyclist, and a former professional karate instructor.

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