We recognize Architecture is a professional service, and that we not only have obligations to our clients but to society also.

Upholding professional values, distinguishes Architects from trades, or business people, whose primary considerations are commercial.
We are governed by the Professional Codes of both the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the Architects Registration Board.

Architects are skilled professionals, trained to make a myriad of quantitative and qualitative decisions on behalf of clients. Whereas some cynical Contractors argue that aesthetic decisions are less important than technological decisions, we believe that like Apple, success comes from a fusion of the technical, the functional and the beautiful.

We believe in honesty; integrity; and reliability. (Truth / Beauty / Permanence)

We believe in intelligent and responsible resource management. (Time / Space / Material / Energy)

“Our projects are not only delivered on time and on budget – they are greener; smarter; and more healthy”
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