2 Storey Penthouse Extension
Bayham Street, Camden, London NW1

This project represents a classic lesson in triumph over adversity. An existing client came to 11.04 to request a fee proposal to develop a former public house. Our fee was rejected in favour of a “cheaper” architect whose fee was 25% less than 11.04’s. Six months later having been advised by the Planners that the cheaper architect would never get approval for his scheme the client returned offering to pay our original fee and advising on the outcome of his failed planning application. 11.04 then increased there fee by 25% arguing the failed application had created a negative planning history which would make securing an approval all the more difficult. Against the odds, and against the advice of the planners, 11.04 secured a planning approval for a two-storey penthouse extension, adding £1.0+ million to the net value of the property at 2002 prices. This experience proved the old developer’s adage: “compared to planning – horse-racing deals in certainties”.

  • 01.20 Penthouse Extension Camden Town London

    01.20 Penthouse Extension Camden Town London