ESI School
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

11.04 were asked to design a prototype low cost school for poor rural communities. A budget of $100,000 dollars was set as the brief, with the project estimated at $150K.
The school was designed to cater for children of all ages, it could have 4 or more classrooms, together with a communal medical facility, and community showers and toilets. A kit of parts approach was adopted to allow the schools primary constructional elements to be manufactured off site to minimise cost and to maximise speed of erection, whilst the cladding could be assembled on site by locally trained craftsmen.
319 schools were proposed, each employing the same structural elements, but each adaptable to the needs of the local community and site context.

Client: Judith Amaechi / ESI

  • Nursery School Port Harcourt Nigeria

    Nursery School Port Harcourt Nigeria