11.04 are award winning interior designers – projects have been published widely and featured on television; including being used as locations for the TV Dramas “Spooks” and “Hustle”. We have carried out over 200 projects, including homes for Private Clients; Pop Stars; and Politicians. We regard all our clients as A-List, and all our staff belong to our A Team. We do not distinguish between large projects and small projects – each project has it’s rewards as well as it’s challenges. Good work emerges when there is a shared vision between the various team members and a client objective to achieve the best result given the restraints of site, and project resource.

The Workhouse was 11.04’s first office, converted from a former garage within Chris Roche’s family home. The house and design studio was sold in 2012 to the costume designer for the Harry Potter movies.

The Workspace is both residential and commercial, in that 11.04 bought the house for cash in 2012 to develop into a family home, and added a 6 person workspace above the home. The property was comprehensively refurbished and the value has increased by £500,000 in 3 years as a consequence of quality design and development.

“We design greener, smarter, healthier homes which lift the spirit, and create additional wealth.”