11.04 are award winning interior designers – projects have been published widely, and featured in films and on television; including being used as locations for the TV Dramas “Spooks” and “Hustle”. Projects have also been used as inspiration for developers on the television show “Room for Improvement” .

All our projects are client and site specific – building on the unique aspirations of the client, and the opportunities and challenges presented by the context. In 2000 we designed a loft apartment for a businessman/chef who loved to entertain at home – his kitchen was elevated like a stage to enhance dinner party experience. On a similar note, a wine lover wanted a wine storage wall within their dining room to display their collection of fine wines. Our designs aim to be greener, smarter, and healthier than conventional architect’s solutions. We take it as a given that projects need to be delivered on time and on project, and we work hard to produce genuine savings for clients through a combination of creativity and intelligent resource management.

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